Things I learned from the PSAT:

Improve the thing                    

You can’t use a leash on a dolphin                                        

You see the Grand Canyon but you don’t SEE the Grand Canyon    

You actually DO need to know cursive in High School… huh.  

Slash on the Harry Potter fandom                                      

We aren’t suppose to talk about it but we are                      

No one appreciates Young Sensei’s calligraph        

Crimson leaves, falling              

Your daughter is a dog “Woof!”           

Jasmine is lucky                                      

bedazzle bedazzled bedazzling camels

BOSTON MAN                            

Make love to the rocks

Positive reinforcement is dehumanizing

If you’re sick tell a proctor so they can DESTROY your test

You can only be in PSAT Fandom if you sell more candy than the 2nd graders

Long Live Form W